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At St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Ann Arbor, we believe that exploring and reflecting on the Gospels is one of the most important ways of enriching our prayer life and preparing for the celebration of our Sunday Eucharist. The Gospels stand at the heart of Scriptures for they are the principal source for the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God. Their importance is recognized and emphasized in the prominence and pride of place given to the proclamation of the Gospel in our Liturgy of the Word. Over the past few years a group of parishioners has gathered each week to share and reflect on the gospel for the forthcoming Sunday in an effort to understand it more fully and to explore the invitation it offers to all who seek to follow Christ. The purpose of this introduction page is to assist you in your reflection and praying of the gospels. Some of you may wish to join us and you will be most welcome, others may simply wish to use this page for their own personal reflection and prayer. Each week we will post the Gospel for the forthcoming week together with notes and observations. In addition, from time to time we hope to add other items of information and interest together with notes and summaries of scripture classes held at the parish. However you choose to use this page, we hope it will bring enlightenment and deeper understanding!

Fr. James Conlon

Understanding the Gospels:  Some basic insights to get started!

The Parables in the Gospels: Stories Jesus told.

Index of Sunday Gospels

Gospel for this Sunday

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